Intensive Physical Therapy Program

Our owner, Kim Loving PT, was trained by the founders of this method and has been providing this program at her facility since it opened in 2004.

This specialized program was developed by Isabel and Richard Koscielny, both PTs, to specifically address the effects Cerebral Palsy had on their own daughter. Please visit their website to discover who Kim Loving was trained by at:

They, along with this intense program, developed the Therasuit™ to improve postural alignment, inhibit spastic muscle tone, improve proprioceptive awareness, improve balance, strengthen weak muscle function, and improve coordinated movements. The Therasuit™, or “suit therapy” as it is sometimes called, is a soft dynamic orthotic spanning from head to toe. This orthotic is used in conjunction with functional activities to promote all of the skills mentioned above, not as a passive instrument.

Also incorporated into this program is the Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) allowing therapists to focus on strengthening drills, repetitive gross motor activities, gait training, and balance improvement. Resistive weight training is able to be performed using a pulley-system to target all muscle groups with specific exercises. The “Spider” can be utilized to give support to the patient in various positions, allowing the therapist to promote correct patterning, stabilization, and posture during gross motor activities (including gait training).

The Intensive Physical Therapy Program itself is divided into 3 treatment phases, that are targeted each day of the program:

Phase I: Warm-Up 

Uses multi-modalities to:

  • Lengthen Soft Tissue
  • Improve Joint Awareness
  • Improve Body Awareness in Space
  • Improve Postural Alignment

Phase II: Strengthening

  • Uses Isometric, Isotonic, and Resistive Training
  • Targets individuals strength deficits

Phase III: Functional Application

  • Perform various activities that mimic Activities of Daily Living
  • Improve transition and transfer skills
  • Target mobility and gait training
  • Increase balance and coordination skills
  • Promote an increase in general gross and fine motor skills

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