Training and/or Certifications our OT staff has been awarded:

  • Neuro-Developmental Training (NDT)

Our Physical Therapy team works to:

  • Address global muscle tightness or weakness
  • Promote development of gross motor skills
  • Encourage appropriate mobility: rolling, sitting, crawling, creeping, standing, walking, etc
  • Build stability and strength globally; Lower and Upper Extremities, Core, Head & Neck
  • Improve Balance and Coordination skills
  • Address Postural Control and Alignment
  • Teach mobility using Assistive Devices

Training and/or Certifications our PT staff has been awarded:

  • Neuro-Developmental Training (NDT)
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Intensive European Physical Therapy Program
  • TherasuitTM
  • Universal Exercise Unit (Spider)TM
  • Myofascial Release

 Our Speech Language Pathology team works to:

  • Increase speech intelligibility
    • Decrease Phonological Processes
    • Increase Articulation skills
  • Develop global language skills
    • Receptive Language (auditory and written)
    • Expressive Language (verbal and written)
    • Pragmatic Language (social language interaction)
  • Teach Reading Skills (Phonological Awareness)
  • Promote Independent Communication Skills
  • Decrease Sensory-Motor Feeding difficulties
  • Increase Swallow Function
  • Improve Respiratory Support globally
  • Increase quality of voice
  • Decrease stuttering behaviors
  • Assist with implementation of alternative communication both low tech and high tech

Training and/or Certifications our SLP staff has been awarded:

  • Oral-Motor Training
  • TalkTools
  • Myofunctional diagnosis and therapy

A leading Pediatric Rehabilitation provider since 2004, our therapists are passionate and dedicated to assisting our clientele reach their goals.


Our Occupational Therapy team works to:

  • Promote independence in Activities of Daily Living​
    • Dressing, Toileting, Feeding, Cooking, etc
  • Improve Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Skills
  • Growth through Developmental Stimulation
  • Encourage appropriate social interactions and behaviors
  • Improve Eye-Hand Coordination (Visual-Motor Integration)
  • Teach and Improve Handwriting Skills and other general fine motor skills
  • Build stability, strength, and coordination in Core muscles, Upper Extremities, Head & Neck

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